10.02.2012 18:21
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Janša Formally Takes Over from Pahor

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Primopredaja poslov med dosedanjim in novim predsednikom vlade.
Dosedanji predsednik vlade Borut Pahor in novi predsednik vlade Janez Janša.
Arhiv STA.

Ljubljana, 10 February (STA) - Janez Janša officially took over from Borut Pahor as Slovenia's new prime minister just hours after parliament voted in the new cabinet on Friday, thanking the former PM for all the effort he had put in during his term.

"I'm certain that we can do it together and that, together, we can overcome even the biggest obstacles on Slovenia's path to becoming a country where everybody will feel at home in the 21st century," Pahor told reporters.

Wishing Janša a successful term as prime minister, Pahor said that "his success is our common success".

Janša, on the other hand, thanked Pahor for his wishes, stressing that "we realise that there are challenges ahead of us, hard times and problems that will have to be solved, but I also realise that you did not have it easy".

"Slovenia entered the crisis right at the beginning of your term...There were many things we couldn't agree on, but there were also many that we could," Janša noted. The pair moreover agreed that "Slovenian people have to be trusted".

"We both know that Slovenia can do a lot," Janša said, adding that it would be better for Slovenia if the political elites knew how to cooperate in order to work for the common good of the country.

"Only those who had been prime ministers know what it means effort-wise. Despite all the differences we have had in the past and which may have led to the turning of the table, thank you for all the devoted efforts," Janša stressed.

10.02.2012 18:21

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