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23.10.2009 15:16
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First Slovenian Book Available in Modern Slovenian

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Knjiga Primož Trubar: Katekizem (1550) - v sodobni knjižni slovenščini, avtor prevoda in spremne študije je Kozma Ahačič.
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Ljubljana, 23 October (STA) - Primoz Trubar's 16th century "Cathecism", the first book in Slovenian alongside his spelling book "Abecedarium", has been published in modern Slovenian. The project was carried out by the Trubar Forum association in cooperation with the Fran Ramovs Slovenian Language Institute.

The chair of the Trubar Forum Drago Sukic said at the book launch on Friday in Ljubljana that Protestant priest Trubar (1508-1586) was a man for all times, so translating his works into modern Slovenian was appropriate.

People seem to know some general facts about Trubar, however they need to read his works, Sukic said, noting though that not many people would read works from the 16th century.

The new edition of "Cathecism" brings a transcript of the original text and a translation. It also includes a transcript of poems accompanied with modern notation, an accompanying study and photos.

According to Kozma Ahacic, the editor and one of the translators of the book, the Cathecism, which was written in 1550, was a great turning point in the history of the Slovenian language, literature, theology and for the Slovenian nation in general.

He noted that Trubar was the first to use the word Slovenian for his fellow nationals and laid the foundations of the Slovenian language.

He added that this was not some simple language designed only for the simple rural people but a language that also and above all suited the needs of aristocracy, the middle class, priests and preachers.

He added that "Cathecism" was a book on a high theological level, putting Slovenia on the cultural map of Europe and on par with the most developed nations with its rich Christian message.

Sukic meanwhile also noted that like 500 years ago, when Trubar had to publish the book with the help of sponsors from abroad, the project received no support from the Slovenian Culture Ministry but was published with the help of American donors.

The Trubar Forum was established two years ago ti publish Trubar's works in modern Slovenian. A year ago it published "Abecedarium", while more works should follow in the coming years.

Bishop Geza Ernisa, the leader of the Evangelic Lutheran Church in Slovenia, welcomed the association's work. He labelled Trubar a prophet of the Slovenian nation, who dared dream of a Slovenian church and books in those hard times. In the moder language his ideas continue to live.

Primoz Trubar was a priest and the central figure of the Protestant Reformation in Slovenia. Last year, Slovenia celebrated the 500th anniversary of his birth with a number of events throughout the year.

23.10.2009 15:16

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