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09.01.2012 19:43
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Virant List Says No to Janković and His Coalition (I)

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President of the Virant List Gregor Virant (left) at a meeting of his party's council, which decided not to back PM-designate Zoran Janković in parliament.
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Ljubljana, 9 January (STA) - The Virant List (VL), considered the king-maker in the tug-of-war for the new governing coalition, decided on Monday it will not back PM-designate Zoran Janković of election winner Positive Slovenia (PS) as PM and also not join his left-leaning coalition.

The decision, adopted by the VL's executive council unanimously, leaves Janković with little chances of receiving in Wednesday's vote in parliament the 46 votes needed to become prime minister and of forming a majority government.

He presently only has the support of the PS's 28 MPs, and potentially of the 10 MPs of the SocDems and six deputies of the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS).

The two MPs representing the Hungarian and Italian minority have already announced they were not ready to tilt the scale in the event of a close call, while all other parties have explicitly rejected a coalition with Janković.

The VL's decision comes after the party, which secured eight seats in the 90-member parliament in the 4 December election, had been engaged in coalition talks with both Janković and Janez Janša, the head of the Democrats (SDS), which came second in the election.

09.01.2012 19:43

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