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07.03.2012 20:29
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Prosecution Confirms Simčič's School Report Forgery

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DeSUS MP Ivan Simčič.
File photo.

Ljubljana, 7 March (STA) - The prosecution confirmed on Wednesday for the commercial POP TV that the controversial secondary school certificate of coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) MP Ivan Simčič, which has become one of the most burning political topics recently, is indeed a forgery.

Katjuša Čeferin of the Ljubljana district prosecution told POP TV that this was established already in 2007 in a procedure against Simčič, but that the case had fallen under the statute of limitations.

According to the TV station, this is an official confirmation that the DeSUS deputy was employed in the Slovenian Army Forces and entered the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts illegally, and that he had lied to the public and his party colleagues after the scandal broke out.

Simčič has been under strong pressure from the media and the public for weeks after POP TV reported that his secondary school certificate is fake and that he lost his job in the Slovenian Armed Forces over this.

He was asked to provide an explanation by both the parliamentary speaker and corruption watchdog. Simčič has been denying the allegations all along, and has been also backed by DeSUS president and Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec.

Some politicians have suggested that DeSUS is just buying time, because if Simčič resigned within six months after the election there would have to be a by-election and DeSUS might lose an MP seat.

However, if he resigns after at least six months in parliament, he will be replaced by another candidate from the DeSUS list who got the most votes. DeSUS has rejected this theory.

07.03.2012 20:29

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