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23.01.2013 08:29
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Dnevnik Blames Govt for Strike

Ljubljana, 23 January (STA) - While admitting that the rights of the most privileged workers will have to be lowered due to the crisis, the daily Dnevnik says on Wednesday that the government should have listened to trade unions and look for solutions in dialogue with them.

In the light of the economic turmoil, the rights of the most protected workers will have to be lowered and the burden of the crisis will need to be carried also by the public sector, the paper says.

At least silently, some of the trade union representatives of the real sector agree with business executives that certain cuts will be needed in the public sector after 70,000 jobs have been lost in the real sector since 2008.

But the unions say they do not oppose all cuts of public administration but would just like to be included in the decision-making. And the fact is that the government has not lent an ear to the unions and proved to be completely unskilled in political management.

It took the chief government negotiator, Public Administration Minister Senko Pličanič, three months to finally get what those on strike demand, Dnevnik notes.

But the government did not anger only the public sector unions but also the private sector. By focusing only on pay cuts and not introducing measures to boost productivity, it is helping neither the economy not the workers. The result will be poverty, which can really cause collapse, the paper says under "Collapse of the Country".

23.01.2013 08:29

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