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22.01.2013 14:44
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Doctors and Dentists Do Not Exclude Strike in Coming Months

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Fides trade union head Konrad Kuštrin talking to the press.
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Ljubljana, 22 January (STA) - The doctors' and dentists' trade union Fides said on Tuesday that although they will not go on strike alongside the rest of the public sector tomorrow, they do not exclude this option in the following months.

Social dialogue is ongoing, Fides head Konrad Kuštrin told the press, adding that if negotiations get stuck or the government refuses to continue talks, Fides might go on strike in the months ahead.

Kuštrin said Fides does not agree with the strike demands of the public sector trade unions. Cut in the public sector wage bill was approved by the parliament as part of the national budget and was necessary, he said.

Fides wants to preserve quality public health care, said Kuštrin, adding that rationalisation does not mean poorer quality of public health care - it means better quality.

The union deems a strike the most serious and radical measure that should be used only as a last resort. Doctors especially should be aware of that because the consequences of their strike are felt by patients.

Fides does however believe that doctors should also become louder in their warnings against the dilapidation of social and economic situation in the country.

They believe the country is in this position because of "self-involved and greedy elites of different political colours". Fides supports the protest of trade unions against unemployment and against unfair labour conditions.

22.01.2013 14:44

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