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25.09.2011 16:46
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Maribor Harvests World's Oldest Vine

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The Maribor 450-year-old vine is harvested.
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Maribor, 25 September (STA) - The world's oldest vine, growing in Maribor, was harvested on Sunday for the 25th time at a special festivity that attracted many tourists from Slovenia and abroad. Maribor Mayor Franc Kangler, who was the first to try this year's fruit of the over-450-year-old vine, said the grapes were especially sweet this year.

The grapes of the Old Vine were picked and pressed on site and a contribution to the future wine also came from former President Milan Kucan, who has an offspring of the vine at his home in Ljubljana.

Grafts of the Guinness World Record-holding vine have been taken to all continents of the world, where the vine now also bares fruit, said Kangler, adding that today's event was not only a harvest, but a festivity unlike any other in the world.

The grapes of the Old Vine usually produce about 25 litres of wine every year, which is specially bottled and used by the Maribor City Council for protocol. The venerable age of the vine was scientifically proven in 1972.

25.09.2011 16:46

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