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05.08.2011 12:26
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State Prosecutor General Condemns Attacks on Prosecutors

Ljubljana, 5 August (STA) - State Prosecutor General Zvonko Fiser has come out in force against attacks on prosecutors in an op-ed for the daily Delo on Friday, indirectly berating opposition leader Janez Jansa for filing a criminal complaint against the prosecutor handling the case in which Jansa is one of the suspects.

In the vast majority of democratic countries, prosecutors do not need special protection since nobody dare even think about filing a criminal complaint against the prosecutor over a decision taken in the course of their work, Fiser says.

"It is very bad if anyone in society thinks they will improve their standing in legal proceedings (or otherwise) with showmanship and insults of bodies or individuals. But it is a disaster if attacks are perpetrated by holders of social power, past or present."

According to Fiser, the message that people who are attacking prosecutors are sending "could not be clearer; it cannot be understood as anything but pressure not to do what they are required by the Constitution to do and what they are appointed to do."

The opinion piece comes after Jansa filed a criminal complaint against Branka Zobec Hrastar, the prosecutor who had charged him in connection to the alleged bribery in the defence deal with Finish contractor Patria. He alleged that Zobec Hrastar had fabricated incriminating evidence but his complaint was rejected.

Zobec Hrastar has since announced she is leaving the prosecution service after the summer recess and will not represent the state when the case is expected to go to court in September. The case has been reassigned by Fiser to Andrej Ferlinc, a senior prosecutor with the Maribor branch of the prosecution service.

05.08.2011 12:26

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