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04.11.2010 18:06
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Slovenia Places 29th Among World Countries in UN Report

New York, 4 November (STA) - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) released the 2010 Human Development Report on Thursday, placing Slovenia in 29th place, among countries with "very high human development".

Data from the 20th UNDP report shows that Slovenians can expect to live to the age of 78.8 and to stay in school for 16.7 years.

The country with the best quality of life remains Norway, followed by Australia, New Zealand, USA and Ireland. Norwegians can expect to live past 80 and receive education for 12.6 years.

On average they have an annual gross income of US$58,810, while in Slovenia the figure stands at US$25,857.

Slovenia placed first among the former Yugoslav states, followed by Montenegro and Croatia in 49th and 51st places respectively.

The last five places among the 169 countries go to African countries: Zimbabwe, Congo, Niger, Burundi and Mozambique.

Zimbabwe is in last place for the fifth year in a row, with life expectancy at 47 years and average annual gross income of USD 176.

According to UN data, average life expectancy in the world has risen from 59 to 70 years since 1970, and the percentage of children receiving education from 55% to 70%.

In the 20 years of the UN reports, the most progress was made in countries that saw substantial economical expansion in the past years. China has gained five places in the last five years and now stands at 89th.

04.11.2010 18:06

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