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17.02.2009 08:46
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Dnevnik Blames Pahor and Jansa for NATO Snag

Ljubljana, 17 February (STA) - Daily Dnevnik blames Slovenia's top politicians, from Prime Minister Borut Pahor to opposition leader Janez Jansa, for the impasse in Slovenia's ratification of Croatia's NATO Accession Protocol.

It took the government long to submit the protocol to parliament. It took a fortnight longer for parliament to endorse it because Jansa and his party obstructed the vote. Now, when there is no more time left, Marjan Podobnik "happened to them", the daily explains in Tuesday's commentary.

Pahor and Jansa wasted the precious time when they could still have easily waved the referendum initiative aside. This is no longer possible, the paper points out.

Had top Slovenian politicians worked for a private company, their boss would punish them for their poor work by cutting their salaries. As it is, they will be going on about how the current developments harm Slovenia's reputation and credibility.

This is true, though. Slovenia's reputation has been undermined because this is the reputation of a small, diligent and obedient country which is now officially known to be ill at ease in the big players' game, Dnevnik says under "This Is Not Slovenia's Reputation".

It is awkward indeed if a country like Slovenia all of a sudden jeopardises an item on the agenda of the most powerful military alliance on the planet. However, this is not a concern of Slovenian citizens.

It is the responsibility of Pahor, who is not doing what he should be doing, and of Jansa, who is so much concerned about Slovenia's reputation when it comes to a journalists' petition for media freedom or a Finnish TV programme, but he is not concerned now.

Having said that, Dnevnik calls on both politicians to think over who is really a disgrace to the country and whether they are not shaming themselves really.

17.02.2009 08:46

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