• Aug 29, 13:13 Rasmussen: NATO not closing door to possible Ukraine membership
  • Aug 29, 13:12 Iceland: Bardarbunga volcano airspace reopens
  • Aug 29, 11:48 Turkey PM announces government, Cavusoglu new foreign minister
  • Aug 29, 11:03 Russia warns of high risk to gas deliveries to Europe this winter
  • Aug 29, 10:21 UN: Nearly 2,600 killed in east Ukraine conflict
  • Aug 29, 10:02 Germanwings pilot strike leaves 15,000 passengers stranded
  • Aug 29, 08:50 Iceland raises volcano alert to red after eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano
  • Aug 29, 07:31 UN: Number of Syrian refugees tops three million mark
  • Aug 29, 07:00 Weather in Slovenia: Predominantly sunny with daytime highs of 22-25C

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21:15 RU   News Roundup - Friday, 8 June
21:08 BE   TEŠ: Negotiations on Installation Costs to Conclude Next Week
20:54 ST   Home Town of NHL Star Kopitar Pulls Plug on Stanley Cup Screening
18:00 RU   News Roundup - Friday, 8 June, until 6 PM
17:47 BE picture NKBM Shareholders Start Procedures for Recapitalisation
17:38 BE   Slovenia for Focusing Banking Union on Big Cross-Border Groups
17:33 BE   Kraški Zidar Joins Builders on the Brink
17:20 SE   Schedule of Events for 11-17 June
17:00 AS   Weather: Unsettled
16:07 PO   Türk Gives Reason for Not Attending Nikolić's Inauguration
16:01 BE picture Kolektor Etra Launches EUR 35M Facility in Ljubljana
15:45 SE   Schedule of Events for Saturday, 9 June
15:38 PO   Embassies in Stockholm and Lisbon Closing on 15 September (adds) statement from the Foreign Ministry in final 2 para
15:05 PO picture Minister Satisfied with Int. Naval Exercise
15:00 RU   News Roundup - Friday, 8 June, until 3 PM
14:39 BE   Krka Keeps Stock Exchange Afloat
14:14 BE   Local Officials Putting Pressure on Govt Regarding TEŠ
14:05 PO   Plea Bargain Used in First Major Case in Slovenia
13:31 PO   Parliament Likely to Pass Banking Act Changes Next Week
12:41 BE   Export-Import Ratio Improved in April
12:39 BE   Industrial Output Virtually Flat in April
12:12 PO   Prosecution Indicts SNS Leader of Defamation
12:05 AC   Two Acclaimed Painters on Display in Slovenj Gradec
12:02 BE   Laško Smooths Over UEFA Censure
12:00 SE   Schedule of Events for Saturday and Sunday, 9 and 10 June
10:54 PO   CORRECTION: "Austerity Act Cutting Funds for Religious Workers"
10:54 PO   Embassies in Stockholm and Lisbon Closing on 15 September
10:32 BE   Mladina Critical of Govt Attitude Towards Primorje
10:11 BE   Government Grants Concession for Former Casino in Capital
09:48 PO   Austerity Act Cutting Funds for Religious Workers
06:30 AS   Weather: Sunny and Warm
01:00 BE   Dnevnik: Tourism Strategy Dead on Arrival
01:00 PO   Delo: Presidential Election a Test for Parties
00:30 BE   NKBM Overhauling Supervisory Board
00:15 SE   Schedule of Events for Friday, 8 June
00:05 AD   News from Slovenia

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