• Jan 26, 19:44 IMF set to continue support of Greece
  • Jan 26, 17:02 Bosnia radical imam Husein Bosnic pleads not guilty to terror charge
  • Jan 26, 16:59 IS urges new attacks after Charlie Hebdo killings
  • Jan 26, 15:20 Alexis Tsipras sworn in as Greek prime minister
  • Jan 26, 14:48 Ukrainian prime minister announces state of emergency in east
  • Jan 26, 13:37 Shelling traps 500 miners in east Ukraine coal shaft
  • Jan 26, 12:39 Prosecutors seek 26 years in prison for Concordia captain
  • Jan 26, 12:20 German chancelor Angela Merkel expects new Greek government to keep commitments
  • Jan 26, 12:18 Libby Lane becomes Church of England's first female bishop
  • Jan 26, 10:59 Greece's leftist Syriza to form government with right-wing populist Independent Greeks party

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20:00 RU   News Roundup - Wednesday, 2 May
19:03 PO   Slovenians Likely to Testify in Vienna Patria Trial Via Video Link
18:55 PO   Croatian FM Announces Talks about LB Bank Savers
17:00 AS   Weather: Mostly Sunny with Storms
15:27 AC   Slovenian Film to be Screened at European Film Days in Zagreb
14:15 SE   Schedule of Events for Thursday, 3 May
13:29 BE   Slovenian Tourist Officials Expect Good Summer
13:03 AS   Slovenia's Population Expands by 0.3% in 2011
12:39 PO   Education Minister Says Govt Looking Out for Poor
06:30 AS   Weather: Changeable with Afternoon Showers
00:30 PO   Two-Day Labour Day Holiday Probably Lost to Cost Cutting
00:15 SE   Schedule of Events for Wednesday, 2 May
00:05 AD   News from Slovenia

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