• Jul 28, 20:47 EU ambassadors agree new round of travel bans and asset freezes in response to crisis in Ukraine, diplomats say
  • Jul 28, 20:15 Israel must be ready for a "lengthy" military campaign in Gaza Strip, PM Benjamin Netanyahu says
  • Jul 28, 18:49 Israel army warns Palestinians around Gaza City to flee
  • Jul 28, 18:13 At least four civilians killed when mortar shell fired from Gaza strikes southern Israel, Israeli media report
  • Jul 28, 10:30 Hague arbitration court obliges Russia to pay compensation to ex-Yukos shareholders
  • Jul 28, 07:00 Weather: It will be mostly cloudy with the possibility of isolated showers and storms on Monday, day-time highs in mid-20s
  • Jul 28, 06:48 UN Security Council calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

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